Finger Vein Recognition Embedded Module


Finger vein Recognition Embedded MODULE

Digimore FVM-ML01 finger vein recognition embedded module is a standalone solution with near infrared light beam, algorithm processor and on-board template storage. As a total solution, FVM-ML01 can be used standalone or connected to a host CPU over UART. Finger vein recognition technology doesn’t require the subject to place his finger in contact with the scanning surface. So, there are no hygiene issues and any latent prints behind. It can be widely applied in various fields such as access control systems, locks, security applications, time & attendance and etc.


  • High-accuracy and high-speed fingerprint identification technology
  • Near Infrared light beam
  • 1.1 verification; 1:N identification
  • No latent prints behind on the scanning surface
  • No affected by weather or age related effects on the skin surface
  • Reading & writing finger vein image from /to the device
  • Simple UART communication protocol


CPU ARM Cortex M3 Core (XT1000)
Light Beam Near Infrared
Algorithm Matching Verify (1 : 1) or Identify (1 : N)
Enrollment Time < 1 sec.
No. of Finger Vein 500/ 1000 finger vein images
FAR/ FRR False acceptance rate (FAR)< 0.0001% / False rejection rate (FRR)<0.01%
Interface UART (3.3V TTL)
Operating Voltage 3.3V
Operating Current 90 ~ 130mA
Standby Current 3 uA
Operating Temperature -25oC ~ 70oC
Module Dimension 83.5 (L) x 52.6 (W) x 38.2 (H) mm