Capacitive Fingerprint Recognition Embedded Module


CapacitIVE Fingerprint Recognition Embedded MODULE

FPM-WSA52 capacitive fingerprint recognition embedded module is a standalone solution with capacitive fingerprint sensor, algorithm processor and on-board template storage. As a total solution, FPM-WSA52 can be used standalone or connected to a host CPU over USB and UART. It can be widely applied in various fields such as access control systems, locks and safes, medical equipment, security applications and time & attendance.


  • Complies with USB 2.0 full-speed (12Mbps) and, UART, easy to develop
  • Surface with Cermet-like Coating
  • Ultra-thin fingerprint sensor (capacity Type) with resolution up to 508 dpi
  • Work well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints
  • High-accuracy and high-speed fingerprint identification technology
  • On board algorithm processor and template storage support for embedded and PC applications


MCU ARM Cortex M4 Core (ST STM32F401)
Sensor Type Capacitance Type
Effective Sensor Area 14 x 11 (mm)
Resolution 508 dpi
Authentication Verify (1:1) or Identify (1:N)
Pixel Matrix / Color 192 x 192 pixels / 256 true gray scale values
Hardness / Surface Up to 8H / Cermet-like Coating
Intereface USB 2.0 and, UART
FAR/ FRR (Level-3) False acceptance rate (FAR)< 0.001%; False rejection rate (FRR)<1%
No. of Placements > 2.5 million finger placements
Number of IDs 200 USER ID
Power Input 5VDC
Connector Type 8 pin, 1mm pitch FPC connector; Micro USB connector
Module Dimension 20.4 x 33.4 x 4.75mm (W x L x T)