About Us

Digimore Electronics Co., Ltd has focused on IT industry since 2004. Over 20 years experience engineers of PC Peripherals design, we have successfully developed a variety of module solution including industrial keyboard modules, Hybrid optical/ capacity fingerprint module, biometric fingerprint, finger vein recognition module, touch pad module, Bluetooth 4.0 LE module with TI CC2541 chipset, Bluetooth 5.0 module with TI CC2640R2F chipset, CC2541 Bluetooth Lanuchpad Module, CC2540 USB Dongle Kit, BT52832QF Bluetooth LE 52 & Robust 2.Ghz Module, 433 Mhz ASK Transmitter module, 433 Mhz RF ASK Receiver module, 2.4 Ghz GFSK Transceiver module, USB PS/2 Keyboard Controller, 5V/1A wireless power transmitter Module, 20V/15W full-bridge wireless power transmitter module. Thanks to our capability of logic design and manufacturing, we also provide ODM solution based on our current modules.

Now, DIGIMORE is ready to push the products to all over the world with the commitment to meet the customer's demand and to provide excellent, value for money products. “Your Solution Provider” is in the heart of our business.