ASK Super Heterodyne Receiver


433Mhz ASK Super Heterodyne Receiver

RX12S-ASK is 433Mhz (also available for 315Mhz and 390Mhz) ASK Super Heterodyne hybrid receiver module, which can be used to receive un-decoded / decoded data from the range of DIGIMORE ASK transmitter modules. The module is very simple to operate and offer a very low current consumption. Data can be transmitted directly into a microprocessor or decoding device. All receivers are compatible, producing CMOS/TTL Output, and only require connections to Power & Antenna.


  • ASK Demodulation
  • Frequency available for 315/390/433.92Mhz
  • Stable Operating Frequency
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Wide Operating Voltage 3 ~ 5.5VDC
  • High Sensitivity: -110dBm


Supply Voltage 3 ~ 5.5 VDC
Current Consumption 4.8 mA
RF Sensitivity -110 dBm
Working Frequency 315 / 390 / 433.92 Mhz
High Level Output 0.8 VDD
Low Level Output 0.2 VDD
IF Bandwidth 380 Khz
Data Rate 1 - 10 Kbps
Temperature Range -20 ~ +75 oC