Dual mode Bluetooth® LE 5.2 & Robust 2.4Ghz Module


Bluetooth LE 5.2 and Robust 2.4Ghz Module

Digimore's BT52832QF-xx is a multi-protocol RF module using NORDIC SoC nRF52832 IC. This module is ideal for low-power wireless sensing device applications IoT such as home automation, building automation, industrial, and retail; Personal area networks like health/fitness sensors and monitor devices, Interactive entertainment devices, Beacons, Computer peripherals, and I/O devices, etc. The module has been designed to provide ultra-low power, low cost, and robust 2.4 GHz communications and is compliant with Bluetooth Version 5.x low energy (previously called Bluetooth Smart).


  • 2.4Ghz Transceiver
  • - 93dbm sensitivity in Bluetooth® low energy mode
    - 2 Mbps Bluetooth® low energy mode
    - 1Mbps, 2Mbps supported data rates
    - -20 to +4 dBm TX power in 4 dB steps
    - Single-pin antenna interface
    - 5.3mA peak current in TX (o dBm)
    - 5.4mA peak current in RX
    - RSSI (1db resolution)
  • ARM® Cortex® - M4 32-bit processor with FPU, 64Mhz
  • - 215 EEMBC CoreMark® score running from flash memeory
    - 58 uA/Mhz running from flahs memory
    - 51.6 uA/Mhz running from RAM
    - Data watchpoint and trace (DWT), embedded trace macrocell (ETM), and instrumentation trace macrocell (ITM)
    - Serial wire debug (SWD)
    - Trace port
  • Flexible power management
  • - 1.7V ~ 3.6V supply voltage range
    - Fully automatic LDO and DC/DC regulator system
    - Fast wake-up using 64Mhz internal oscillator
    - 0.3 uA at 3V in system OFF mode
    - 0.7 uA at 3V in system OFF mode full 64KB RAM retention
    - 1.9 uA at 3V in system ON mode, no RAM retention, wake on RTC
  • Module Size
  • - BT2832QF: 18.5(L) x 11.4(W) x 2.0(T)mm (with shielding case as option)
    - BT52832QF-AA-P: 18.5(L) x 11.4(W) x 2.45 (T)mm (with shielding case)

APPLICATIONS and Service Information

Internet of Things (IoT) Home automation, Sensor networks, Building automation, Industries, Retail
Personal area networkds Health/fitness sensor and monitor devices, Medical devices, Key fobs and wrist watches
interactive entertainment devices Remote controls, Gaming controllers
Beacons A4WP wireelss chargers and devices, Remote control toys
Computer peripherals and I/O devices Keyboard, mouse, multi-touch trackpad, gaming
nRF528321-QFAA 32Mhz, 512 ROM/ 64 RAM
nRF52832-QFAB 32Mhz, 256 ROM/ 32 RAM

BLE 5.X module with Flash 521K/ 64K RAM

BT52832QF-AB BLE 5.X module with Flash 256K/ 32K RAM
BT52832QF-AA-P BLE 5.X module with Flash 512K/ 64K RAM, PIFA antenna