Wireless Charger, Wireless Power Receiver Module


Qi Compliant Wirless Power Receiver MODULE

The WCM-TP6740 is a high efficiency, wireless power receiver for portable applications. The TP6740 device integrates digital controller required to comply with Qi V1.1 communication protocol and all necessary control algorithms needed for efficient. Together with TP6735 transmitter-side controller, the TP6740 enables a complete wireless power transfer system for Qi solution. By utilizing near-field inductive power transfer, the receiver coil embedded in the portable device can pick up the power transmitted by transmitter coil.


  • Signal Modulation for Qi Communication Protocol
  • 5V Output
  • Supports up to 5W (5V/ 1A) Power Output
  • Active adjust Rectifier Voltage to fit Loading Charge


Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA=25oC)
Parameter Rating
Supply voltage Vss-0.3 to Vss +6.5
Input voltage Vss-0.3 to VDD +0.3
Output voltage Vss-0.3 to VDD +0.3
Output current high per 1 PIN -25mA
Output current high per all PINs -80mA
Output current low per 1 PIN +30mA
Output current low per all PINs +150mA
Maximum operating voltage 5.5V