20V/ 15W Full-bridge, Wireless Power Transmitter Module


20V-15W Full-bridge Wirless Power Transmitter MODULE

The WCM-8011 is a highly integrated wireless power transmitter that integrates full-bridge MOSFETs, MOSFETs drivers, current sense amplifiers, and protection circuits. It is in compliance with the latest WPC V1.2.4 Extended Power Profile (EPP) and Baseline Power Profile (BPP). The WCM-8011 supports EPP-required foreign object detection (FOD). The default transmitter distance is ≦8mm and can be customized up to 30mm by customizing the antenna and firmware. Furthermore, the product housing can be made of aluminum if it is a must (customized).


  • Compliance Qi 1.3 version/ WPC V1.2.4 EPP and BPP
  • 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A, 12V/1.67A input power
  • Auto detecting the object (FOD)
  • Over current protection; over temperature protection
  • Type C interface
  • < 8mm (default) charging distance; able t tailor-made distance up to 30mm


Standard Complaince Qi 1.3 version/ WPC V1.2.4 EPP and BPP
Input Power 5V/2A; 9V/1.6A; 12V/1.67A
Wireless Output Power 5W/ 7.5W/ 15W/ 20W (auto detection)
Interface Type C connector
Charging Efficiency Over 85% high wireless charging efficiency
Charging Distance < 8mm (default); Able to customize charging distacne up to 30mm
Housing Material Product housing can be made of alluminum (customized)
Foreign Object Detection (FOD) Advance FOD to avoid any metallic objects being exposed to alternating magnetic fields

Over Temperature (OTP)

The charging power will be shut down when temperature over 45oC

Short-Circuit Protection (SCP)

WCM-8011 integrates a latch mode short-circuit protection

Over Voltage (OVLO)

> 22.5V (typical)

Low Voltage (UVLO)

< 3.4V (typical)

Over Current (OCP)

> 10A (typical)


Diameter 50mm/ 6.5mm thickness

Coil Size Diameter 45mm with pad/ 2.05mm